Energy Procurement

We provide comprehensive assessments of energy contracts in Mexico. Our expertise related to energy procurement and power purchase agreements saves millions of dollars annually for our clients that own plants in Mexico. We also manage consulting projects related to corporate strategy, licensing and permitting, distribution channels, and the regulatory hurdles related to accessing the market in Mexico.

Project Management

Our consultants work alongside energy companies, governmental organizations and institutional investors to improve returns and mitigate risks related to investment projects in Mexico. With a focus on renewable energy, we analyze the social, legal, regulatory and contracting risks to maximize the profitability of your energy projects in Mexico.

Energy Efficiency

Our energy efficiency solutions include energy assessments, power purchase agreements, environmental services, and LEED consulting. We target the low-cast and no-cost modifications to improve energy consumption. Our assessments provide for fast payback and high ROI.

Industrial Technology RealWear

RealWear is the global leader in AR wearable computing for industry. Major companies in the energy, manufacturing and automotive industries trust the HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 to empower and connect their global workforce.

value creation

“Helping companies navigate the risks of doing business in Mexico.”

Mexico Energy Partners was formed by a group of seasoned energy professionals with a deep network of global contacts in electricity markets, project finance, renewable energy and industrial technologies. We have over 15 years of experience and maintain strong relationships with developers, contractors, government authorities and local communities.

Our consulting services create value for manufacturers, energy companies, government agencies and institutional investors. Mexico Energy Partners works across a large number of industries and sectors including renewable and non-renewable energy, industrials, real estate, technology and business services.


“The first step out of the gate has to be knowing where you want to end up”

Corporate Strategy and Market Entry

We provide clients with contacts, reports and analysis related to corporate strategy, licensing and permitting, distribution channels, and the regulatory hurdles related to accessing the market in Mexico. We also offer comprehensive solutions for energy procurement and power purchase agreements under the new energy scheme in Mexico.

Renewable Energy and Infrastructure

Our consultants provide in depth analysis of your renewable energy or infrastructure projects from site selection and design, to evaluating power purchase agreements and off-takers. We also manage the RFP process and contractor selection.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Optimization

Our primary objective is to align and integrate your business and facilities strategies for effective expansion and reduction or maintenance of the facilities assets in the most cost-effective manner while providing a high level of service and building performance.

The Natural Gas Industry in Mexico

New pipelines have enormous potential to support increased natural gas production in Mexico and also reduce the costs of imports. Although there is already an impressive pipeline infrastructure for transporting natural gas from the U.S. into Mexico, it does not reach the entire country. Most of the less expensive piped gas goes only to the northern states of Mexico, in part to provide power for factories.

An Overview of Virtual Power Purchase Agreements

For many years, the market for clean energy was limited by unstable prices. Energy prices are generally difficult to predict, but clean energy adds the uncertainty of new technologies and the weather. Within a small area, spot prices for wind power can literally go whichever way the wind blows. However, virtual power purchase agreements (PPAs) are creating new ways to reduce price volatility and expand the market for clean energy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Power Purchase Agreements in Mexico

A power purchase agreement sets out the terms of a bi-lateral agreement in which one organization buys energy from another. The main elements of a power purchase agreement include the price for capacity, the price for energy (basically, the marginal cost of electricity), and the number of years that it will last.

Solar Power in Mexico Enjoys Strong Fundamentals

Mexico was the first country to commit to specific targets under the Paris Climate Agreement, and achieving those targets is driving solar energy in the country.

Renewable Energy Project Execution

Mexico’s renewable energy auctions benefited from the experiences of other countries, so results have generally been better. According to IRENA, 53% of Mexican solar energy auction projects were on time, while only 37% experienced delays.

Reliance on US Natural Gas Poses Risks

The Mexican dilemma is a delicate balance for both long-term buyers of power, and for the government. Natural gas stabilizes electricity prices and it provides reliability to the power grid.

Mexico: A High-Growth Market for Energy Efficiency Solutions

Mexico is experiencing an increasing demand for infrastructure and services due to its economic growth and accelerated urban densification. This has led to a vast increase of energy consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

Power Purchase Agreements vs Wholesale Spot Market

The energy reform in Mexico introduced Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) as one of the primary ways to trade energy. A PPA is a long-term contract between parties to purchase a certain amount of energy for future delivery. The agreements are typically…


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