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Corporate Strategy

We believe the most attractive investment opportunities are generated from within.

Mexico Energy Partners can identify and recommend new sources of demand for your products within Mexico and across a variety of industries.

We provide clients with contacts, reports and analysis related to corporate strategy, licensing and permitting, distribution channels, and the regulatory hurdles related to accessing the market in Mexico.

Please contact us for energy contracts, energy procurement and power purchase agreement analysis. Our consultants also manage the Qualified User registration process, including the registration of assets.

Mexico’s Minister of Energy said that over the next 15 years the country aims to build almost 25,000km of new power transmission lines, an investment of more than $13 billion.

With our insights on the timelines for permitting, navigating the regulatory and legal process, contractor selection, as well as a full assessment of the potential social risks, our clients are able to successfully execute projects on-time and on-budget.

We perform full due diligence on project contractors, vendors, and suppliers. Our vigilant system of background checks and underwriting practices, utilizing local lawyers and data providers, can protect and mitigate your company from the risk of fraud or non-performance.

Project Execution

Frequently Asked Questions About Power Purchase Agreements in Mexico

A power purchase agreement sets out the terms of a bi-lateral agreement in which one organization buys energy from another. The main elements of a power purchase agreement include the price for capacity, the price for energy (basically, the marginal cost of electricity), and the number of years that it will last.

Mexico: A High-Growth Market for Energy Efficiency Solutions

Mexico is experiencing an increasing demand for infrastructure and services due to its economic growth and accelerated urban densification. This has led to a vast increase of energy consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Consumption Analyses

Energy Risk Assessments

Energy Audits

Energy Efficiency Studies

Building Systems Automation

Our Energy Efficiency Studies have a direct impact on your profitability from day one by identifying low-cost and no-cost improvements in your buildings and industrial plants. We locate energy cost improvements and, in most cases, our engineers will make the changes on the spot which lead to immediate savings for our clients.

We also offer ongoing building monitoring or training for your staff to maintain energy efficiency. Our proprietary monitoring technology automates checklists and repairs to maintain top levels of energy efficiency throughout the facility.

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