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Geothermal in Mexico: The Ring of Fire

Mexico is located over the Ring of Fire, extracting heat from the earth can be both economic and feasible. Earth’s natural heat reserves are immense. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has estimated the stored thermal energy below the…

Reliance on US Natural Gas Poses Risks

The Mexican dilemma is a delicate balance for both long-term buyers of power, and for the government. Natural gas stabilizes electricity prices and it provides reliability to the power grid.

Renewable Energy Project Execution

Mexico’s renewable energy auctions benefited from the experiences of other countries, so results have generally been better. According to IRENA, 53% of Mexican solar energy auction projects were on time, while only 37% experienced delays.

Transmission and Distribution Infrastructure in Mexico

Mexico’s power grid will have to be expanded and modernized to handle the large amount of renewable projects that will need to be connected to the grid.

Financing Renewable Energy in Mexico

By Paola Moreno Mexico has been one of the Latin American countries who has embraced climate change action.  For instance, in March 2015, it submitted a climate action plan to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), being the first developing country...

Mexico: A High-Growth Market for Energy Efficiency Solutions

Mexico is experiencing an increasing demand for infrastructure and services due to its economic growth and accelerated urban densification. This has led to a vast increase of energy consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

Power Purchase Agreements vs Wholesale Spot Market

The energy reform in Mexico introduced Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) as one of the primary ways to trade energy. A PPA is a long-term contract between parties to purchase a certain amount of energy for future delivery. The agreements are typically…

Solar Power in Mexico Enjoys Strong Fundamentals

Mexico was the first country to commit to specific targets under the Paris Climate Agreement, and achieving those targets is driving solar energy in the country.

Mexico’s Electricity Market

Since 2015, the Mexican wholesale electricity market has been operating as a competitive market. However, there are certain restrictions to guarantee fairness for all stakeholders and to meet the national clean energy goals.

Opportunities in Mexico for European Oil and Gas Companies

Mexico Energy Partners was delighted to have co-sponsored this year’s event, in Norway and Scotland, showcasing Mexico’s energy sector opportunities to private investors.

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