Lower Energy Costs


Our energy efficiency solutions include energy assessments, power purchase agreements, environmental services, and LEED consulting.

Our Energy Efficiency Assessments begin with our consultants analyzing your historical energy consumption and identifying trends or ways to optimize energy spending. We then speak with building/facility staff, and management about the strategy of the facility which allows us to make thorough recommendations on way to lower the energy footprint.

We also specialize in:

Clean Energy Certificates (CEL)

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Buildings Automation Systems (BAS)

Vendor selection for energy efficiency projects

Environmental compliance and permitting

energy efficiency

Boosting energy efficiency helps Mexican firms protect against rising energy costs regardless of the political situation. Businesses remain the top users of electricity in Mexico, and industry alone accounts for an estimated 58% of total consumption. Our consultants at Mexico Energy Partners use state of the art technology to help firms use energy more effectively. We perform a comprehensive review of the entire energy footprint of the facility. Assessments are done entirely by a team of highly-qualified consultants and industrial and electrical engineers.


Savings From Building Automation


Savings From Technical Changes


Savings From Building Design

Mexico: A High-Growth Market for Energy Efficiency Solutions

Mexico is experiencing an increasing demand for infrastructure and services due to its economic growth and accelerated urban densification. This has led to a vast increase of energy consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

The Need for Efficiency

Raising energy efficiency is another way to reduce pollution, and the cheapest way to improve sustainability. Political winds in Mexico also remain favorable for the power sector. AMLO is for strengthening the state-controlled CFE, and improving the performance of Mexico’s electrical grid is a priority.

As in the USA, the efficiency of Mexico’s electrical grid lags behind the rest of the infrastructure. According to the World Economic Forum, Mexico provides electricity to 100% of its people and ranks 7th in the world for road connectivity. However, Mexico’s electrical grid ranks 85th for efficiency. As a practical matter, that means Mexico loses more than seven times as much power during transmission as Singapore.

LEED Consulting

Based on LEED Green Building Standards

Our consultants develop energy efficiency solutions for developers of energy and real estate projects in Mexico. Our services and recommendations typically pay for themselves in six months to three years. The improvements we identify help to increase asset values and business perception, while focusing on regulatory compliance.

An Overview of Virtual Power Purchase Agreements

For many years, the market for clean energy was limited by unstable prices. Energy prices are generally difficult to predict, but clean energy adds the uncertainty of new technologies and the weather. Within a small area, spot prices for wind power can literally go whichever way the wind blows. However, virtual power purchase agreements (PPAs) are creating new ways to reduce price volatility and expand the market for clean energy.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to help clients successfully execute on projects in Mexico’s energy sector. We put the client’s interests ahead of our own and we always maintain an independent perspective.



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