Geothermal in Mexico: The Ring of Fire

By Paola Moreno

Mexico is located over the Ring of Fire, extracting heat from the earth can be both economic and feasible.

Renewable Energy Project Execution

Renewable Energy Project Execution

Mexico’s renewable energy auctions benefited from the experiences of other countries, so results have generally been better. According to IRENA, 53% of Mexican solar energy auction projects were on time, while only 37% experienced delays.

Reliance on US Natural Gas Poses Risks

Reliance on US Natural Gas Poses Risks

The Mexican dilemma is a delicate balance for both long-term buyers of power, and for the government. Natural gas stabilizes electricity prices and it provides reliability to the power grid.

An Overview of Virtual Power Purchase Agreements

For many years, the market for clean energy was limited by unstable prices. Energy prices are generally difficult to predict, but clean energy adds the uncertainty of new technologies and the weather. Within a small area, spot prices for wind power can literally go whichever way the wind blows. However, virtual power purchase agreements (PPAs) are creating new ways to reduce price volatility and expand the market for clean energy.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to help clients successfully execute on projects in Mexico’s energy sector. We put the client’s interests ahead of our own and we always maintain an independent perspective.



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