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Our consultants work alongside energy companies, governmental organizations, and institutional investors to improve returns and mitigate risks related to investment projects in Mexico.

Value creation begins with an on-site consultation where we learn about your needs and assess the size and scope of the project. We seek to optimize the profitability for clients over the full lifecycle of the project. 

Our standard consulting services include feasibility assessments, technical consulting, and project management. We also provide management support, property  management, property development, and operations and maintenance services.

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Infrastructure Opportunities in Mexico

Mexico’s power grid will have to be expanded and modernized to handle the large amount of renewable projects that will need to be connected to the grid. Mexico’s Minister of Energy said that “over the next 15 years the country aims to build almost 25,000km of new power transmission lines, achieving an investment of at least $13.4 billion.”

We believe the reforming of the Mexican power market will raise efficiency in the power sector in the coming years, as a result of increased investment in T&D, and pricing mechanisms to alleviate power shortages. Iberdrola has committed roughly $5 billion worth of investment into the Mexican power sector between with almost half of the capital targeted at T&D infrastructure.

The National Infrastructure Plan includes roughly $600 billion for investment including housing, energy, transportation, water and power. We expect the majority of this to be spent on transportation, with almost 50% of the funds coming from private sources. Please contact us at to learn more.

Major Pipeline Projects in Mexico


Pipelines in Mexico have approved tariffs and rates which offer attractive internal rates of return for investors. Most of the contracts that currently underpin the construction and operation of the pipelines in Mexico are long-term, fixed-rate contracts. 


The Mazatlán project is a 413 km, 24-inch diameter pipeline running from El Oro to Mazatlán within the state of Sinaloa with a cost of $400 million. This pipeline is supported by a 25-year natural gas Transportation Service Agreements (TSAs) for 200 MMcf/d with the CFE. Physical construction is complete and is the project is wating on natural gas supplies from interconnecting pipelines.


The Topolobampo project is a 530 km, 30-inch pipeline with a cost of $1 billion that will receive natural gas from upstream pipelines near El Encino in the state of Chihuahua. The pipeline will deliver natural gas from these interconnecting pipelines to delivery points along the pipeline route including our Mazatlán pipeline at El Oro in the state of Sinaloa. Construction of the pipeline is supported by a 25-year natural gas TSA for 670 MMcf/d with the CFE. However, completion of the pipeline has been delayed due to discussions with the indigenous community. 


The Tula project is a $600 million, 36-inch, 300 km pipeline supported by a 25-year natural gas TSA for 886 MMcf/d with the CFE. The pipeline will transport natural gas from Veracruz to Querétaro, and also through the states of Puebla and Hidalgo. Construction has commenced in certain regions, however, expected completion of construction is revised to 2018 due to discussions with the indigenous community. 

The Natural Gas Industry in Mexico

New pipelines have enormous potential to support increased natural gas production in Mexico and also reduce the costs of imports. Although there is already an impressive pipeline infrastructure for transporting natural gas from the U.S. into Mexico, it does not reach the entire country. Most of the less expensive piped gas goes only to the northern states of Mexico, in part to provide power for factories.

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